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Abukloi Alumni Association board meeting


Abukloi Secondary School is the first school in South Sudan to have an alumni association. A testament to the pride Abukloi students have in their school.


With an administrave board in Juba, the association"s mission is to provide valueable resources and sevices that help Alumni stay connected to their school and make a positve impact on future generations of students. 

Support Work

The AAA aims to provide career guidance, mentorships, and financial assistance to current students or recent graduates of Aubkloi.

They are also planning networking events for personal and professional development.

2022 Alumni Reception
Alumni receive valuable training.
Core Values

The AAA wished to promote a lifelong relationship between the alumni and Abukloi Secondary.


Being driven to achieve our goals and set standards for ourselves.


Striving to find harmony in all aspects of our lives.


Valuing teamwork and collaboration in achieving common goals.


Treating others with compassion and respect.


Continuously seeking new knowledge and experiences.


Being receptive to different ideas and perspectives.


Upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical principles in all actions. 

Abukloi Alumni Association
Forever Connected and Never Apart

Abukloi Alumni Association is a non-profit organization independent of Abukloi Foundation. It serves as a network and support system for former students of Abukloi Secondary School. 

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