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AGRICULTURE: Growing Toward Self-Reliance


School Garden
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Nancy's Garden
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BUSINESS TRAINING: Marketable Skills and Income

Sewing Program
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TECHNOLOGY: Connecting to the Future

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General education is essential to the development of the whole person.

However, in a country, where professional jobs are all but non-existent, Abukloi also helps students develop practical, vocational skills. We thank:

Student agriculture business

Examples of student-designed businesses include:

Agricultural Products and Storage

Retail Businesses

Car Wash Business

Handcrafts Business

Student retail business

Loans are awarded on a points system:

0-50 points - Potential for Success 

  • Total amount needed to start and operate the business

  • Risk vs. Potential Profit

  • Preparedness and understanding of the business of team members/individuals involved in the plan 

  • Amount of personal investment already committed and/or given.

0-25 points - Inclusiveness

  • Gender inclusiveness

  • Community participation

0-25 points - Positive Economic Impact on Abukloi Secondary and Rumbek


Commerce Teacher Henry Deng and Director Justin Mathok work with the graduates, coaching them toward success.  The money paid back on these interest-free microloans is used to fund next year's businesses.

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