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Abukloi Secondary School 10th Anniversary Logo

Developing a New Generation of Peaceful Leaders in South Sudan through
Excellence in Education,
Agricultural Development,
Small-business Training

Abukloi Secondary School was established to provide educational needs for the best primary school graduate learners from families of low-income earners who could not afford to pay for the cost of tuition and scholastic materials of their students’ education progress. The aim of Abukloi Foundation is, therefore, to address the educational needs of children who wish to continue with their education but cannot meet their educational targets. The curriculum of Abukloi is designed to provide a comprehensive education that aligns with the national curriculum of South Sudan while incorporating future-ready innovation and skills. The curriculum aims to empower students with the knowledge, critical thinking abilities, and practical skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing global society. It emphasizes the development of core academic subjects, as well as essential competencies such as problem-solving, communication, collaboration, creativity, and digital literacy.

Our Students





Abukloi Secondary School is Christian School that upholds Christian Values, such as:

1- Honesty, love, trust, respect, integrity, and transparency

2- Promotion and defence of intellectual and academic freedom.

3- Fostering teamwork, collaboration, creativity, effective communication, tolerance, and culture of Peace


Written by the students at Abukloi Secondary

School Motto, Vision, and Goals

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Our Students
Abukloi Girls write poetry
YES! Club sewing project
Abukloi Alumni Association Meeting

Our Teachers

Abukloi's Teachers 2023
Excellent Educators

Abukloi Secondary School's committed teaching staff provides a nationally renown education and small-business training curriculum. Whereas we may not always be able to find qualified teachers from South Sudan, all of our teachers are certified and from East Africa. We are also steadfast about hiring women teachers to create a well-balanced educational experience.

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