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Girl Child Poetry

Poetry allows young people to express their challenges and successes.

Hear the voices of our students below. 

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The Girl Child

Jewel of inestimable value

The pearl of the oceans

Though like a diamond in the dirt,

She is usually undervalued

Often maltreated, dejected and detested

Yet like an owl alone in the desert,

She builds herself into a real woman

And converting all odds into stepping stones


Oh girl child,

A rare gem

A care giver

A potential mother

My mother,

Your mother,

A mother to us all

My home maker,

Your true champion

Our nation builder:

You may know many mechanics,

But my heart pants for the lady mechanic;

You can tell me stories of humanitarian service providers, But Mother Theresa still hold still the hand of time,

The world keeps producing prime ministers,

Yet Margaret Thatcher stands the test of time


History has stories on many subject matters,

But the present and the future has a place for the Girl Child; A route leading men into tomorrow,

A lamp unto the path of success,

A boat sailing over the slavery of life to independence,

A ready help for every husband,

The brain behind the success of all men


There is no arguing

The girl child is knowledge personified, wisdom branded,

For Genuine counsel abodes with her,

Leading by example is her way of life,

Instructing by living it out

Is her culture,

Guiding by doing it is her tradition,

Giving discipline with care is her way of doing things

For she is a born teacher,

Who knows not just what and how to teach,

But knows exactly who to teach,

Oh my mother,

Who alone teaches me morals

She alone knows the highway to education,

No wonder she teaches even outside the classroom.


The girl child is a transmitter of knowledge,

But how can she transmit without being educated?

Give me your hands and take mine,

Together let’s

Send the girl child to school,

Train the girl child in school,

For in the girl child lies the hope for a better tomorrow.

For in the girl child lies the hope for a better tomorrow.

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I Have a Hope
by Jennifer Amou Monydit

I have hope

Oh! Education

I have hope

Hope that I will make it

Hope that I will emancipate

Hope that I will be crowned victorious

Hope that education is a great beacon light


I have made a momentous decree on education

I have put manacles and chains on myself to follow the right paths of education

I will never languish education


I cannot be withered from concentrating on education

I can never dramatize education

I take it wholeheartedly


I have signed a promissory note to pursuing my education

I hope I won’t be given back a check

A check marked insufficient funds

Because the banks of education can never run bankrupt. 

Forced Marriage
by Mary Nyanawan

Forced marriage, Forced marriage

The deadly act

Spoiling young girls’ future

After the girl reached her puberty stage

Uncle tells a girl to go for marriage

It does not matter whether

The groom is educated, rich or poor


Forced marriage, Forced marriage

A deadly act

Mostly in the Lakes State parts

Of our country South Sudan

Young girls are crying

Because of the deadly act

Young girls are running

From homes to the streets


Forced marriage, Forced marriage

The deadly act

Teachers, Local Counselors

Wake up and we fight

Against the deadly act

Teachers, Local Counselors

Teach the guardians

The dangers of forced marriage

So that our beloved ones

Enjoy their future. 

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A photo of a young South Sudanese woman

Forced Marriage

By Susan Yar Maciek

 To be forced into an arranged marriage

The plane tickets for South Sudan are all ready

The passports are all ready

The family is ready; but I am not ready.


Forced into a loveless marriage

Reached South Sudan; Too warm; couldn’t live there!

Arrangements being made; against my will


Bridal gown; jewellery; wedding reception

Everything being done against my will

Who can I complain to?

Who will listen?

My own family will not listen; they are my enemies


The mehndi is put on my hands and feet

The oil is put in my hair as if blood has been shed

Slowly dripping down my lonely soul


The satin maroon bridal dress has come,

Laid out like a sheet over the deceased coffin


Fancy silver slippers, Golden heeled wedding shoes

The jewellery lay out as if I were sold

Yes, sold for the price of my freedom

Silver anklets round my ankles

Like a metal ball and chain that will forever

Hold me down, that will forever keep me from escaping

Golden bangles spread up to my arms

Remind me of deadly eternal locked handcuffs

Colorful glass bangles cut into my very skin

Drawing blood from inside my heart and soul

This is not a marriage. It is some sort of barter

The coming in-laws have asked for everything

To fill their house; to fill their pockets

Then reality takes over; I then realize my parents

Do not care!

Why are they putting me through this punishment?


Death would be more welcome for me

I could not live in a place that has been compared to a warm oven A place where women are regarded as second class citizens


Where women are covered from top to bottom

I was born in England; I was born to rebel

To stand up for my rights; to fight for my rights


What are my parents doing; can’t they understand

I don’t want to live here; I don't want to marry this man

As the man I am about to marry is twenty years older than me


He may be rich, educated; but he can never make me happy

The priest has come, he asks me three times

If I accept this man as my husband; I am quiet. I cannot think


I have no choice; the poison is near. Just one drop then two

I am now in another world away from hurt; away from deceit

I am in a place of being looked after and loved


I am with the angels; the hurt has ceased, I am now in total peace.

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