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Because of You, We Did It!

It's been a milestone year for Abukloi School, and it’s all thanks to you. In 2018, we saw 135 students graduate (Class of 2017 and 2018) and had 94% percent of our students pass national exams. One of our female students received a 98.9% on her math exam. Phenomenal!  Read below to learn about all the other great things happening in Rumbek.

We owe our qualified and dedicated teachers for this standard of excellence. They provide thoughtful and comprehensive instruction despite a lack of resources. Many of them volunteer their time to help students prepare for national exams. And some of our instructors are separated from their families for months at a time while they devote themselves to educating other children. They do this because they know education is the foundation that will make South Sudan stronger and more prosperous. 

Abukloi's teachers enjoying graduation Support the work of these outstanding educators by donating now or becoming a monthly donor. Every amount makes a difference.

You helped us accomplish a lot in 2018. Let's make 2019 even more successful.

•    371 students are receiving a much-needed secondary education

•    Over 130 girls are enrolled at Abukloi in a country where only 2% of girls get a secondary education

•    18 qualified teachers and several other support staff receive a rare regular income

•    Outside businesses are employed to help train students in business and computer skills

•    The 5 student businesses are employing others and doing so well they are paying back their loans

•    35 women are learning sustainable farming to feed their families and community


Our sincere thanks to all those who helped improve Abukloi's library through donations of books, office and art supplies, and renovations:  Alcova Mortgage, Virginia Capital Management Group Inc.-Virginia Beach, Dr. Sabatiana Springmann, DDS-New Town Dental Arts Williamsburg, M'liz Reichers-Great Falls, VA, and the Clark Nexsen Foundation for providing a $500 grant for school library improvements through the Rotary Foundation of Virginia Beach. 

SOLAR POWER COMING! A generous gift by Dwight Golann will allow us to install the first solar panels at the school.  Currently, the school has no access to electricity. Solar power can provide running water to help with agriculture and provide power for a science and computer lab.

Additional panels will allow for enhanced programs at the school. If you would like to contribute funds toward this vital development, please📷



This is Dantes Yei. When Dantes was young, her family made an agreement with another family that she would marry their son. After spending her primary years in Uganda, she returned to Rumbek and enrolled in an all-girls' secondary school. Then her family decided it was time to get married.

Fortunately, Dantes' fiance believes in education as much as she does. He agreed she should finish her education before having children.  Unfortunately, her school did not allow married women to attend and she was forced to leave.Abukloi accepted her with open arms. Not only that, but her fellow students have so much respect for her that they named her Abukloi's first female Head Prefect. 

We believe educated women make great leaders.

Dantes proves it.


We talk a lot about “community” at Abukloi because we know by working together, we can accomplish much more. That’s why we work so hard to develop relationships with the parents, teachers, churches, and leaders in Rumbek. We aren’t just foreign donors, we are friends and partners.

You are a part of this community.

By sharing Abukloi’s work with your family, friends, and community groups, your gifts have an exponential impact. Expanding our community creates relationships that lead to solutions and new possibilities. 

Thank you.

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