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Celebrate the Rain

By Marg Kutz

It's raining! That may not seem like much to share but its is here in South Sudan. Rainy season is supposed to start in April but here it is the last day of May and still little rain, if any. Most families plant only in the rainy season because there is no bore hole near the cultivation. If it doesn't rain, there is no food, really, no food.

I was here two years ago during the level four famine. It was a desperate situation and people remember it with great fear. There simply was no food for many people and very little for others. Even our teachers who are paid, went without food for 2-3 days trying to assure their own children had at least something to eat. School often ended early because teachers were too hungry to teach and students too hungry to learn. Some students just dropped out. Many people were sick, malnutrition took away any defense of disease. Women could not produce milk for their babies. It is no wonder people here look up to the big blue sky with nothing but fluffy white clouds with a sense of worry.

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