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Creative Science

Schools in South Sudan do not have science labs. Even universities here do not have science labs. This means students learn theory but not practical. When it comes to science , I am the least of these, so to speak. I talked to science teachers in the US and got some very helpful ideas. My suitcase had Borax, baking soda, vinegar, copies of experiments I found on the internet. Armed with these resources I asked our science teachers to meet with me. We were joined by five more teachers from another secondary school. I was nervous that they would be disappointed that I know nothing about science. But the day turned out wonderful. The teachers embraced the concept of non-traditional experiments and they worked well together. My most memorable image was the teachers trying to catch a lizard. They had put a string noose on a stick and a group of three of them went chasing them, up trees and into cracks of the walls. Finally, one was captured, lions next. They really enjoyed dissecting the lizard. One of the teachers from the other school said, "I am having so much fun!"

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