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Day 12

This was my day to be "on."  At 9:00 the students gathered in front of one section of the school for assembly - raising of flags, National Anthem, announcements, etc., and my opportunity to address the students - finally!  My job is to ask questions, assess, acknowledge successes, and encourage.  The students were attentive and appreciative.  I have been coming for a long time. 

Four student interviews followed, then a meeting with the science teachers.  I hadn't thought about protractors and compasses in years!  The most basic instruments - tools of learning - so necessary - and not here.

And finally, an interview with Yang Ater from the Rumbek Government Radio Station.  This interview will air sometime tonight, and I have no way of listening. I hope I acquitted myself well enough.   

After lunch, back to Rumbek University, to pursue a possible partnership for a science lab.  It was a long, hot wait in a windowless room with no air conditioning, before finally being admitted to see the Vice Chancellor of the University.  After the requisite introductions, explanations, questions and answers, the Vice Chancellor announced that there was no problem pursuing a partnership with Abukloi Secondary School.  Rumbek University has three locations.  Tomorrow we'll take a look at all three facilities and consider.  

And finally, a late afternoon trip to a small cattle camp where Justin's older brother and friends keep a few hundred cows, and where Justin actually has three!  Lovely, quiet, serene, and peaceful - except for the lowing of the cattle.  A most pleasant end to a productive day!



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