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Day 4

Today I attended the worship service with Grace Community Church congregation not far from here.  I had visited with this group once before and felt comfortable with the people and style of worship.  Grace is a truly blended congregation - half kawajas, like me, and the other half Africans from South Sudan and other countries.  Before the service, I had a conversation with the wife of a MAF pilot - Missionary Aviation Service - and learned that MAF now makes flights to Rumbek every Wednesday, information that could be useful for those of us involved in ministry there. Around about 12:30, Angelo and I, along with 9 Terekeka students now enrolled in secondary schools in Juba, converged on the Uncle restaurant and had a great time visiting and catching up, while enjoying local food.  As many as could piled in Angelo's car, while the rest hopped on boda bodas for the quick ride back to AFEX.  There the young people read letters written especially for each one, and tried on scarves, earrings, and ties donated by many of you.    I sent them on their way just after 3:30 - totally exhausted but grateful for the strides they are making as they approach their young adult years.  South Sudan needs thousands - millions more like them! I've got a busy day tomorrow and looking forward to an early bedtime - sleep... Blessings! Ellen

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