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Day 7: Rumbek Hospital

After lunch, Justin and I rode to the Rumbek Government Hospital to check on the Baylake Shelter, which is no longer used for patients.  For two consecutive years - 2017 and 2018 - I arrived in Rumbek to find the roof of our shelter damaged by falling limbs from an adjacent tree.  I paid for the repairs.  Patients had to be moved - twice.  After the second time, the patients were taken to another area of the hospital, leaving a nice, dry shelter unused.  

It was commandeered by families of patients and used to prepare meals for their hospitalized family members.  I was introduced to the Minister of Health who explained the plan for the future.  Three small buildings behind the shelter will be connected to make one large building with a veranda added across the front.  The Baylake shelter will be moved to an area close to the Malaria ward and used to house male Malaria patients, while females will remain in the original ward. I am glad the shelter can be moved and still used.

I have attached photos of Dantes, the Head Prefect at the Abukloi Secondary School, and one of the students I interviewed this morning.  She is 19 and a victim of forced marriage - sold, if you will - for 200 cows.  Her husband is 33, and, to his credit, is allowing her to finish school. Forced marriage is against the law in South Sudan, but it still happens.   



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