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Rumbek to Juba

The skies were clear when Justin picked me up from Hill View at 7:30 this morning for the short ride to the airport.  After checking in, he found two chairs off to one side and ordered water for me and a yellow beverage for him that is supposed to be good for ulcers.  We were an hour deep into conversation, when I became aware of gathering clouds, wind, and impending rain.  We quickly joined other passengers in the sheltered waiting area, but the only protection was a roof with sides open to the blowing rain.  Justin was able to move his car inside the gate so we could sit comfortable and dry.  It's all in who you know...

I was concerned about the air-worthiness of this small 19-seater, but she came down out of the clouds with no problems.  Justin arranged for me to board first - VIP - so I took the single seat just inside the door - plenty of leg room.  Again, we easily managed the ascent through rain clouds, and Angelo was advised that I was on the way.  I put on my noise canceling ear phones and slept.  An hour later - Juba and clear skies!

After de-planing, we were again shown to a pick up truck and instructed to get in the back.  This is new protocol for me, but I can do it.  Angelo, Chan, and Martin were at baggage claim to transport me to AFEX - just in time for lunch - a fresh salad with big chunks of tomato and avocado - perfect!.  

Dinner by the NIle was also perfect - roasted vegetable salad - outdoors in cool evening air with a view to die for!  I happened upon two professional photographers on assignment from the BBC, who snapped the photo below.  I have also included a few of the Abukloi teachers with gifts of scarves, earrings, and ties - not in pictured before.



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