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Sunday Funday

Justin and I attended a spirited service at the Catholic Church from 9 - 11 this morning - all in English.  Beginning and ending with processionals, there was the Priest, Father John - resplendent in emerald green; 7 altar boys in white robes; about 20 smaller boys in bare feet, wearing matching shorts and shirts, sort of like soccer uniforms, who danced in front of the altar.  It was an impressive service complete with choral music in 4-part harmony, scripture, bells, smoke, and incense.  

Father John gave an inspired word - no notes - encouraging those in attendance to work in the vineyard of the Lord - not as a duty, but as a privilege.  Don't complain, live in joy and happiness.  Like Paul, be content whatever your circumstances.  Be a miracle for someone else.  It really was an excellent sermon, well prepared and delivered.  I have known Father John for 8 years.  He was one of the original Lost Boys, who was taken to Italy, where he embraced Catholicism, and became a priest.

Afterward, Justin and I drove to the market to look at fabric.  The photo attached is of something called Katnge, a traditional African material from Nigeria, according to Justin, that reminded me of polished cotton - colorful, thick, durable - and expensive.  Sewing is done by men in South Sudan.

After lunch I had a session with Lillian, one of our female teachers, enjoyed a swim, and more soup for dinner.  I have mentioned that Diamond makes the best soup!  Tonight it was golden yellow, and I couldn't recognize the flavor or any ingredient.  When I inquired, Diamond replied - his white chefs hat perched jauntily on his head - "Is Dal soup - you want I show you?"  (He is from Nepal.)  Of course I did, so he disappeared into the kitchen and returned with a multicolored grain in the palm of his hand, which is from India.  It is tasty, and, according to Diamond, good for digestion.  I am learning...

There is a photo of the Baylake shelter, which goes back to Day #7.  I wanted the ladies to just relax and be natural, but they were posing for all they were worth!



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