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Sponsor a Student - Inspire the Future

A group of intelligent students at Abukloi Secondary School in Rumbek, South Sudan

YOU can make a life-changing impact on an entire community by Sponsoring a Student at
Abukloi Secondary. 

Most of our students make a great sacrifice to get an education. They do it because they know education is the pathway to a better future for themselves, their families, and their entire community. When you sponsor a student, you not only provide their tuition fees, uniforms, and textbooks for a year of study, you provide Hope that they will find a way to a better life. 

For $80 a month or just $2.63 a day, your sponsorship will be the foundation of that new life.

A full sponsorship provides a student with the following:
Textbooks and class supplies
A daily meal
Two uniforms a year with socks
Hygiene products like soap and sanitary pads for girls
Life skills training programs

Click here to give Hope!
For additional information contact our sponsorship coordinator Beth Broschart ( will be in touch. She will connect you with the right student for you. 

When a student knows they have been sponsored, it is a life changing moment. Just knowing that someone cares about their future means more than you can imagine. We are excited for you to get to know Abukloi's young people.  We know you will be inspired by the light they have to share with the world. 
Abukloi Girls
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